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Solar Battery Charger

Solar Battery Charger

Adento Power Bank 5400mAh

15. Dec 2017 10:09, pandamw

The 5400mAh Adento power bank will then pick up when the batteries of your phone or tablet are running out. The powerbank is less than 1cm flat and fits in any trouser pocket. This makes it ideal for extending the battery life of mobile devices with 5V USB port on the go.

The Adento Powerbank 5400mAh is charged via the supplied USB cable on the computer or optionally via a mains adapter. For example, an iPhone can be completely recharged twice via the USB output. For other smartphones and tablets it is enough for at least a full charge.

The Adento Power Bank also shows that external batteries do not have to be clunky, but can be quite presentable. The elegant, metallic design is in no way inferior to many mobile devices. Four small LEDs indicate the current battery status of the power bank at the touch of a button.

Technical details about the Adento Powerbank 5400mAh:

Dimensions: 135x65x9mm
Weight: 136g
Charge amount: 5400mAh
Charge Indicator: 4status LEDs
Connections: 1xUSB (5V/2A)
Accessories: Micro USB cable
Special features: High-quality processed power bank with metal surface

Anker® Astro E1 External 5200mAh battery

14. Dec 2017 11:09, pandamw

The external battery anchor Astro E1 has been one of the most popular models on Amazon since 2014. The customer reviews are extremely good, which is mainly due to the excellent price/performance ratio of the Power Bank.

With a charge of 5200mAh, the Anker Astro E1 smartphones like the iPhone 7 can recharge up to 2 times and even for a complete charge of an iPad, the juice is enough. The charge output is 5V/2A and thanks to the Power IQ technology, the connected device is detected, which achieves the fastest possible charging speed of up to 2 Amp.

In addition to good performance, the Anker Astro E1 also has an attractive design. The external battery is available in six different colors. In addition to the anchor Astro E5 included in the delivery are a USB charging cable and a user manual. In addition there is the quality promise of Anker in the form of an 18-month warranty.

At this price, the Astro E5 anchor is an absolute top offer, which is unparalleled in the category of medium-sized external batteries.

Technical details about the armature Astro E1:

Dimensions: 97x43x23mm
Weight: 119g
Charge amount: 5200mAh
Charge Indicator: 4 status LEDs
Connections: 1xUSB (5V/2A)
Accessories: Micro USB charging cable, user manual, 18 months warranty
Special features: PowerIQ technology

Aukey PB-N41 Mini Power Bank 5000mAh

13. Dec 2017 11:23, pandamw

Bigger than a lipstick, this little Aukey PB-N41 Mini Power Bank fits comfortably in your pocket.

The capacity of 5000mAh of the Aukey Mini Power Bank is enough to charge mobile phones once or twice. With the 2.1A inputs and outputs, charging the battery itself and the connected devices is relatively quick.

The sleek matte black plastic shell of the Aukey PB-N41 Mini Power Bank looks sturdy and makes it difficult to scratch.

Technical details about the Aukey PB-N41 Mini Power Bank 5000mAh:

Dimensions: 90x43x22mm
Weight: 118g
Charge amount: 5000mAh
Charge level indicator: Touch sensor with 4 status LEDs
Connections: 1xUSB(5V/2,1A)
Accessories: micro USB cable, user manual
Special features: Really small for their capacity

Anker® PowerCore Slim 5000mAh Power bank

12. Dec 2017 11:06, pandamw

The Anker PowerCore Slim 5000mAh is especially made for charging the iPhone 5 to 7, which it adapts perfectly to the contours of the mobile phone with its flat design. Thus, the iPhone can be easily held and used even with battery in hand.

The Anker® PowerCore Slim 5000mAh Powerbank is aimed especially at iPhone users, because the slim design adapts perfectly to the phone, so that the iPhone can be conveniently loaded in your pocket. The rubberized surface of the PowerCore Slim Powerbank provides the smartphone with additional protection and prevents it from slipping out of hand. For their innovative design, this power bank has even won the coveted Red Dot Design Award for innovation and ease of use.

The charging time of the power bank itself is between 2 and 3 hours. With a charging capacity of 5000 mAh, an iPhone can be charged almost three times. As is usual with Anker, this power bank also comes with the usual PowerIQ technology, which selects the right charging speed up to 2A depending on the connected device.

The PowerCore Slim is of course also suitable for other smartphones, but the exact fit on the bottom of the phone is not necessarily given.

Technical details about the Anker Slim 500mAh external battery:

Dimensions: 126x64x10mm
Weight: 118g
Charge amount: 5000mAh
Battery charge indicator: 3LEDs
Connections: 1xUSB(2A)
Accessories: Micro USB charging cable, travel bag, user manual
Special features: PowerIQ™ technology for faster load times

revolt Power bank with 5,200mAh

7. Dec 2017 08:31, pandamw

Product description:

On the way and the mobile phone battery makes you tired? With the compact revolt power bank with 5.200 mAh for iPad, iPhone, mobile phone & USB devices, you also provide your mobile companion with a new power, far away from any power outlet.

With the built-in micro-USB cable to recharge your phone, your tablet, your MP3 player or your game console controller in no time. And with the included dock connector adapter and 8-pin adapter, your iPhone, iPad and iPod are not too short.

With its compact dimensions and low weight, the revolt powerbank fits in every pocket!

Mobile powerbank for USB devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod
Large capacity: 5,200mAh
Practical LED charge level indicator
On / off button
USB socket for charging
Built-in micro USB cable - Charges virtually any device with a micro USB port
Incl. Adapter Micro-USB to Dock Connector for iPhone 3, 4/4S, iPad until 3rd generation
Incl. Adapter Micro-USB to 8-pin for iPhone 5/6, iPad from 4th generation, iPad mini, iPod touch from 5th generation
Compact dimensions: 114x16x58mm
Lightweight: 125g
Mobile powerbank with 5,200mAh and integrated Micro-USB charging cable incl. Dock connector adapter, 8-pin adapter and German instructions

InLine 1477 Qi-Plate Wireless Power Bank 7000mAh

5. Dec 2017 10:39, pandamw

In addition to the possibility of inductive charging without cables, the InLine 1477 Qi-Plate offers an additional USB port and a capacity of 7,000 mAh, which is enough to charge a smartphone about 3 times.

The 1477 Qi-Plate from InLine, the brand of German Intos Electronic AG, enables inductive charging without cables thanks to built-in Qi technology. This applies both to the charging of compatible smartphones and to the charging of the power bank itself. Charging the smartphone or induction is also possible while the power bank itself is being charged.

In addition, an additional USB output with a current of 2 amps for charging 2 devices simultaneously, by induction and by cable, is installed.

The design of the InLine Wireless Powerbank is simple and handy. The rubber ring on the surface ensures a good grip when hanging up the cell phone.

Attention: Inductive charging is only possible with a compatible smartphone. Most current smartphones have already integrated this technology. A list of all compatible phones can be found here. However, mobile phones without integrated Qi technology can also be retrofitted cost-effectively with the help of an adapter (for example with the universal Qi receiver for Android or the Rhidon Qi receiver for Apple).

Conclusion: The InLine Qi-Plate 1477 impresses not only with the possibility of wireless charging, but also with its robust processing and the 2A output performance of the additional USB output.

Technical details about the InLine 1477 Qi-Plate Wireless 7000mAh Power Bank:

Dimensions: 131x84x18mm
Weight: 200g
Amount of charge: 7000mAh
Charge Monitor: LED display
Connectors: 1xUSB (5V/2A), 1xQi (5V/1A)
Accessories: 2xmicro USB cable, user manual
Special features: Qi for wireless charging

Tollcuudda 10000mAh Solar Power Bank

2. Dec 2017 16:15, pandamw

This solar power bank from Tollcuudda has everything you need for the outdoor excursion for a small price. In addition, you can choose between different designs in the colors yellow, green, orange and black.

With the Tollcuudda 10000mAh Solar Power Bank 2 devices can be charged simultaneously with a charging current of up to 2 amps due to the dual USB output.

The capacity of 10,000 mAh is enough to charge mobile phones three times and tablets once.

The Tollcuudda Powerbank is equipped with a Sunpower Solar Panel, providing 200 mA of current. However, the manufacturer recommends charging the power bank with solar energy only in an emergency, as the solar panels are not efficient enough to fully charge the power bank within a day. For normal use, the power bank should be charged by plugging due to time savings.

What distinguishes the Tollcuudda 10000mAh Solar Power Bank especially for outdoor use, is the integrated flashlight, the included snap-in carabiner, as well as the robust housing, which protects the electrical system from splash water and dust. In addition, she makes with her 240 grams barely noticeable in or on the backpack.

The Tollcuudda 10000mAh Solar Power Bank has been available at since April 2017 and has since received only 5-star ratings. The price-performance ratio is right with this Solar Power Bank!

Technical details about the Tollcuudda 10000mAh Solar Power Bank:
Dimensions: 160x78x17 mm
Weight: 240g
Amount of charge: 10000 mAh, solar: 5V/200mA
Charge Indicator: 4LEDs
Connections: 2xUSB (5V/1A & 5V/2A)
Accessories: micro USB cable, carabiner, user manual
Special features: solar panel, flashlight

Callstel protective cover with 2000 mAh battery iPhone 5/5s/SE, Apple certified

28. Nov 2017 11:24, pandamw

Product description:

Pure energy lies in this slim protective case: The innovative cover has already installed the saving reserve power supply. Take up to 6.5 hours more time to talk on the phone. Just slide your iPhone into the soft-touch case. At the same time, it effectively protects against bumps and scratches.

So handy - you can always leave your iPhone in the protective case: Thanks to the precisely fitting recesses, you can operate your mobile phone as usual. The headset connection and the camera remain freely accessible.

The battery in the case can be easily and directly charged via the supplied USB charging cable.

Clever 2in1 package: Protective cover and power bank

Integrated high-performance battery with a full 2000 mAh (on/off switch)

Battery power: Standby time additional 350 hours, surfing / phoning up to 6.5 hours longer

High quality protection for your mobile companion

Charges easily via USB (first iPhone, then battery), at the same time data connection to PC possible

Subtle charge status indicator via LED

Precise cut-outs for optimum functionality of your iPhone 5/5s/SE

Fantastically slim dimensions: 61x135x14 mm, super light 70g

Soft-touch coating, matt black color

Protective cover including USB charging cable and German instructions

"Made for iPod", "Made for iPhone", and "Made for iPad" Apple performance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Please note that iPod, iPhone or iPad may affect wireless performance.

iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod nano, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the United States. and other countries. Lightning is a trademark of Apple Inc.

SNAN 21W Solar Charger with Dual USB (5V/2A)

27. Nov 2017 13:39, pandamw

The SNAN Solar Charger powers two smartphones, tablets, or other devices with USB charging output (such as speakers) through the sun. The solar panel converts sunlight into energy with an energy efficiency of 23.5%. Perfect for beach, camping, festival or other outdoor uses.

Thanks to Smart Identification Technology, the connected devices are automatically detected and supplied with a charging speed of up to 2A per USB port. Charging is as fast in direct sunlight as with conventional power banks. About a battery storage, the charger does not have, so no solar energy is stored.

The 3 Sun Power Solar Panel of the charger have a total area of ​​approximately 28x68cm. When folded, the size reduces to approx. 29x16.5cm. With a weight of about 750 g, the SNAN Solar Charger is too heavy to take with you in everyday life, but compact enough to store in your backpack. The nylon material and the PVC coating of the solar panel ensure that the charger is quite robust and waterproof.

The SNAN 21W Solar Charger can either be laid flat, tipped or hung up. Supplied with 4 snap hooks, which can be hung by 4 eyelets on the wall, on a tree or on the camper. Hikers can also strap the unfolded solar charger to the outside of the backpack to charge the smartphone and tablet while they are "on the go".

For tilted installation at a 45-degree angle on the floor or a table, there are two integrated holders that can be folded down easily with Velcro.

After a test of the SNAN solar charger, I can only agree with the positive reviews on Amazon. The sun-powered charger is sturdy, easy to stow and charges up to two devices at high speed even in light clouds.

Note from the manufacturer: The SNAN Solar charger for iPods, the HP TouchPad, LG G2 and Asus Tablets is not suitable.

Technical Details for the SNAN 21W Solar Charger:
Dimensions: 290x28x165mm (unfolded width approx. 680mm)
Weight: 750g
Amount of charge: Solar
Connections: 2xUSB (5V/2A)
Accessories: Operating instructions, 4 snap hooks

Poweradd Pilot Pro 3 Power Bank 300000mAh

24. Nov 2017 08:43, pandamw

The Poweradd Pilot Pro 3 Powerbank with its capacity of 30,000mAh and a weight of just under 700 grams is one of the big power banks, which are suitable, for example, for extended holidays without a power outlet. With a capacity of 30,000mAh, popular smartphones can be charged around ten times and tablets around three times full.

With the Poweradd Pilot Pro 3 with 30000mAh 3 devices can be charged at the same time due to the 3 USB ports. The outputs offer a charging current of 2.1 amps each.

If you use the 2 micro USB inputs with a charging speed of 4A, charging the power bank itself takes about 6 to 8 hours. If you use only one input, it can take up to 20 hours, according to the manufacturer, until the power bank is fully charged.

Conclusion: The price is unbeatable for a power bank with such high capacity. However, the 2 amp inputs and outputs are not exactly the way to ensure fast charging times. So if it matters more, how often he can load his devices instead of how fast, he can not go wrong with the Poweradd Pilot Pro 3 30000mAh.

Technical details for the Poweradd Pilot Pro 3 30000 mAh Power Bank:

Dimensions: 170×114×23 mm
Weight: 663g
Amount of charge: 30000mAh
Charge Indicator: 4 status LEDs
Connections: each 3xUSB (5V/2.1A)
Accessories: 2xmicro USB cable, user manual
Special features: 2xmicro-USB input for fast charging